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Web Design

Designing web is an art that requires knowledge and years of experience, the web design team of us is highly experienced in the latest technologies in the design that makes your website looks attractive and stunning, the design looks stunning when the colour combinations are best. We handle the design to fit into desktop, notepad, smartphone.

The key design criteria we focus on

Design tools we are familiar

The design team is well set to develop the custom design that you need to acheive.

Web development

Every website works on underlying code. Performance of the website during user request is fully depended on the coding .Our developers are well experienced in taking care of the performance, quality and security aspects. Our developers are ready to satisfy the client needs at the earliest possible.

The key development criteria we follows

Our technical team is experienced in

SEO/ Search Engine Optimization

We offer efficient Search Engine Optimization that ensures top position for your website in most of the search engines. By knowing the importance of your business, we do the SEO so that customers reach you quickly and ensure the top listed search results are of yours.

Custom CMS Websites

Our team is ready deliver custom CMS that allows you to manage and update your websites quickly

We focus on

Social Media Optimization

Social media such as facebook, twitter, Google plus, Youtube etc play a vital role used to grow our business once you entered to social media your range is opened local to global you can grow your business globally through social media your contact circle can be enlarged and managed properly .The modern way of marketing and advertising are fully depended on social medias.

Android Applications

Significant breakthroughs in mobile technology and connectivity have given rise to a phenomenal increase in the number of mobile applications being used today, in all walks of life. The reach of mobile apps has pierced the business domain and is bringing in changes never seen before. Our objective is to create state-of-the-art mobile software by combining skills with a dedication to prepare the best apps. Android is the fastest growing mobile platform, due to which the demand for Android app development is steadily increasing.

Technology used by us includes

Desktop Application Development

Desktop applications provide the security, control and reliability which the web applications though popular and sophisticated, cannot match upto. The Desktop applications we engineer bring out the best of both, as we offer the power and performance of desktop applications with the modern user interface of web applications. SourceEdge perseveres to rapidly transform your dynamic ideas and concepts into new products and applications while improving application performance, reducing your business operations’ complexity, and accelerating your business productivity.